Political Stance


I, Paul J Battle candidate for mayor in the city of Portsmouth , Va. understand that Portsmouth’s Public Safety Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians are critical to the day to day operations and survival of our city.

These courageous individuals offer to put their life on the line every day that they go to work and deserve the best levels of training, and best equipment we can provide.

Our Health & Safety Departments should be well staffed and offer these employees adequate compensation and benefits for their services.

As Mayor, I will be dedicated to providing the citizens of Portsmouth with the best possible Health and Safety programs we can afford without creating additional burdens on taxpayers.

“I’ve always look forward to Health and Safety official meetings. I am willing to discussing their plight at anytime.”

Portsmouth City Councilman Paul Battle


I have always been an advocate of education as a proud graduate of Portsmouth’s I.C Norcom High School and Norfolk State University, I have worked to improve the educational experience of students attending schools in Portsmouth Virginia through charitable donations, providing school supplies, meals, uniforms and sporting equipment.

I believe that our teachers are vital to the educational development of our children and should be compensated accordingly.

As Mayor, my goal will be to support the School Board and work toward ensuring full accreditation for all of the schools in the Portsmouth Public School System.


Paul Battle is a successful businessman who is sensible and economically savvy. As Mayor Paul has a plan to attract and bring more business opportunities to Portsmouth, Va.

With Portsmouth becoming a new major 5G hub on the east coast, Paul Battle recognizes the technological advantages that Portsmouth will gain and how major corporations will become more attracted to our geographical location.

It was Councilman Paul Battle who fought to stop Portsmouth from entering into a bad business deal with Armada Hoffler.

While everyone else was excited to have a new city hall building, Paul studied the details of the deal and saw that Portsmouth would suffer financially and voted against moving forward with the deal.


As your Mayor Paul Battle will be dedicated to making sound business decisions that will create economic development and benefit the citizens of Portsmouth without creating any additional financial burden or new taxes.


Having programs and recreational services for citizens of all ages is important for the growth of any city.

Paul Battle recognizes that Portsmouth currently has a lack of recreational services within the city and as Mayor will push to correct this issue by advocating for more youth and senior recreational programs supported by the city.

“Portsmouth needs to move out of the stone age with their recreational programs. We need to rethink our approach and incorporate those things that are pertinent to people in the 21st century.”

Portsmouth City Councilman Paul Battle


A Politician’s favorite drum to beat is that of “NO NEW TAXES”, but how many of them really mean it.

As Mayor Paul Battle will try to relieve the taxpayer of some of their current tax burdens and eliminate and prevent any new tax increases.

HOW? By working with the city manager to properly budget city expenses, utilizing surplus monies to pay past debts, and entering into sound business deals where the results favor the city and it’s citizens without increasing financial burdens.