For The Record

Recently Councilman Battle made a vote which stated that the citizens of Portsmouth would continue to support the 2nd Amendment. It was an easy vote to make because the 2nd Amendment is already a law which exists under the U.S. Constitution.

Councilman Battle presents a common sense approach which will allow one to see that any changes made to the law by the General Assembly will be followed by the citizens of Portsmouth.

In addition, Council member Battle has initiated constructional dialogue that lured the city council into a general conscientious to support the School Board’s request for funding last year.

Councilman Battle fought against several bad business proposals by making the citizens of Portsmouth aware through public dialogue of specific details which would have pulled the City of Portsmouth into a atrocious deal with private contractors.

In part, he is responsible for one of the best casino deals between Portsmouth and a private entity.

Councilman Battle has stood in support twice of Sheriff Moore’s stance on the Portsmouth City jail.

Councilman Battle strives for transparency and will continue to do what is best for the city of Portsmouth Virginia and its citizens.

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